Voices in the Corridor, a Multimedia Public Art Project

Visual Artists: Anna Macrae & Flora Ramirez-Bustamante (2014)

VALA Eastside Summer Season 2014, Voices in the Corridor

This was a Multimedia Public Arts Project funded by the City of Redmond WA, and produced by VALA Eastside.


Lead artists: Jessica F K Lambert and Jacqui Calladine, poets: Kelly Davio and Jeannine Hall Gailey, and visual artists Anna Macrae and Flora Ramirez-Bustamante.


Voices in the Corridor was a visual and spoken word art project taking place in Redmond’s Cultural Corridor between March and September 2014. The project seeked to question the cultural identity of Redmond, and initiate conversations about the perceived and future cultural landscape of the City of Redmond, whilst drawing on influences from the Redmond City Master Plan for Arts and Culture.


Flora Ramirez Bustamante and Anna Macrae collaborated on making the visual artwork, responding to, and referencing material we collected from video interviews from various community groups. 


We wanted to be as versatile as we could in how we designed our projects, in terms of materials, public space, interactions, 2 and 3 dimensional works and the final installation. We created six integrated projects that we felt addressed different aspects of the interviews, and also had their own unique properties and visual characteristics.


Whispers of Home - public space intervention, 40 delightful tiny Homesplaced on the streets of Redmond 

Journey of Home - written responses from the handmade Visitors Books,that were placed inside the Homes

 A Different Type of Practice - large abstracted collage map of Redmond that comes off the canvas, referencing space and identity

Transparency - 3 suspended vinyl panels, totaling 12 x 12 feet, outlining the City of Redmond painted with abstract symbols and features of Redmond  A Wish on the Table - sculpture created from found objects from the streets of Redmond 

On Track - a wall to floor piece referencing the old railway line, with scribbling's of poetry and interview material  


Anna and Flora were also the Featured Artist for the Redmond Arts Festival in August. We rounded off this Public Art Project by bringing three interactive art making experiences to the community referencing our work on Voices in the corridor.


To Find out more, visit www.macraeramirez.com


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