Flora Ramírez-Bustamante




Flora Ramírez-Bustamante grew up in Madrid, Spain. She studied Linguistics and Literature. As a young adult, she lived and studied in Madrid, Barcelona (Spain) and Athens (Greece). She emigrated to the United States in 2001 and currently lives in the Seattle area. Ramírez- Bustamante has participated in group and two artists exhibitions in Seattle, Oregon and Hawaii.




My interests as an artist encompass inquiries and reflections on the creative process and the experimental use of materials. My work shows a delicate balance between my intellectual interests in linguistics, poetry, culture, abstraction and myself as a reference of exploration. My method in working is process and materials oriented in that I don’t limit my field of actions. Not constraining my options regarding materials, processes and goals, I discover possibilities and a sense of freedom in creating. During my studio practice, I embrace imperfection, accidents and the inspiration that this energy transpires.

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